Aroma Dough!

Everyone loves playing with playdough – Even Mummy! But now there is a way to help out there little body’s whilst playing! Definitely something every mummy or daddy should have up there sleeve. We seem to be cooking up a new batch of playdough every few days! Thanks to our Facebook tip from Kathryn I have started adding the colour in with the water, salt and Cream of Tartar. It’s worked perfectly every time and i no longer have pink and purple stained fingers 🙂

If you are making a batch of Aroma Dough you can colour the dough to match the oils used. For instance you could make your sleeping / calming batch purple or blue. The sneezy batch could be a eucalyptus green.

Here is a quick playdough recipe – it’s taken from the Everyday Cooking For Every Family cookbook published by Vorwerk and Thermomix.

Page 168.

250g Water

100g Cooking Salt

1tbsp Cream of Tartar

250g Plain Flour

20g Cooking Oil

Food Colouring to colour.

Put the water, Salt and Cream of Tartar into TM bowl (I add the colour here if making a single colour) Heat for 5 minutes at 60C speed 3.

Add the flour and mix for 40 seconds until combinded and thick. Allow to cool

Set Dial to Closed Position

*** Add the cooking oil to the dough. At this stage I also add in a couple of drops of Aromatherapy Oil. NOTE – Only one drop of each oil. See below for good combinations.

Knead for 2 minutes interval speed.

So now for some tried and true little remedies.

Calming / Sleepy Head blend.

1 drop of each per batch




(You can use a combination of the 3 or use any two together.)

Sneezy Blend (Great for cold and flu season)

Tea Tree



Cheerful / Playful


Sweet Orange


(Another great one for cheerful is just a drop of mandarin and a drop of lime.)



Rosemary is a brilliant for memory and is a general stimulant and rejuvinating. Great to help little people focus.

The heat from your little people hands will warm the oils and release the goodness. For another little trick you can add a couple of drops of lemon and grapefruit oils into a nice warm bath and refresh your little one!

PLEASE NOTE: Some oils should not be used if you are pregnant. So please check oils out before using them if you are pregnant. Also if your little one has allergies please look into this before using oils. I personally always try to stick with mild oils and stand by the theory of less is best. I only ever add one drop of each oil to the batch of dough.

Would love to know what you use with your little ones and if there is a special mix you have up your sleeve 🙂

Happy Thermomixing!




Okay, Okay quit your laughing yes that is the full extent of my playdough creativity… a flat man! 🙂

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