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We are Facebook Moving!!!

  Hi Guys, Just wanted to take a minute to explain the move and answer a couple of questions… Firstly if you haven’t already seen we are making the big leap over to the ThermoVixens Facebook page and soon we will stop posting from the Thermomix Recipe Share Australia page. So join the new page […]

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Confessions of a Gingerbread House.

Firstly Merry Christmas! So this is a story, about a brilliant gingerbread recipe and a horrible gingerbread house construction! In our family we have a bit of a tradition that each year we have a Christmas Gingerbread House. On boxing day we all sit down and rip that baby apart. I love it! I also […]

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Candied Apple and Berry Trifle

Hey Guys, So I am in charge of desserts for Christmas this weekend. I wanted to get some up onto the blog pre-christmas so that then I can share them with you guys for Christmas! My father in law is a bit of a trifle lover so very kindly agreed to be my guinea pig […]

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Mediterranean Loaf

Hi Guys, Sorry for the neglect! Well it is December so no doubt we all have a little extra on our plate! I have been working behind the scenes getting a few things ready for a bloggy onslaught 🙂 This is a twist on the basic bread dough. A bit more grown up version. I […]

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GF Lunchbox Slice

Hi Guys, A few weeks ago Kirrilly Lindberg posted onto the FB page if we knew of a good muesli bar recipe. Then Megs posted the Nutty Cereal Bars Recipe  which was YUM! So I got a thinking for all the gluten free followers on a nice fruity / seedy bar. I guess as it is […]

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Berry Truffles

Berry Truffles. Well by now I hope you have tried to get your hands on the In The Mix – Great Thermomix Recipes. You can get it from your Consultant! If not it sure would look great under the Christmas Tree  🙂  In there you will find a recipe for Honey Truffles. They are divine! […]

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UPDATE: Vanilla Essence and SpiceWest Discount!!!

My Vanilla Essence has been soaking in the Vodka for a couple of days now and I wanted to give you a quick update on how quickly it is drawing out all that vanilla goodness! So here is the update pic – In more exciting new…. I have been on the hunt to buy bulk […]

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Home Made Vanilla Essence

Last year I was given a beautiful dark bottle of home made Vanilla Essence. It was from one of my closest friends and I loved the idea of it. I loved it every time I baked with it. It made me think of Sam each time I used it and I reckon it’s so thoughtful! […]

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Loaf 1

Raspberry, Hazelnut and White Choc Loaf

RASPBERRY, HAZELNUT AND WHITE CHOC LOAF Prep – 5 minutes Cooking Time – 1 hour I am a huge fan of banana bread! In fact I reckon it is without doubt my favourite sort of cake. Can you call it a cake? The other day while flicking through a recipe book at my mother in […]

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Thermy Snapper En Papillote

Snapper En Papillote (In paper)  With Prawns and Coconut Rice. Prep – 10 minutes  Cooking Time – 25- 35 Minutes This recipe was enough for 2 Adult Serves and 2 Child Serves. Lately we have been on a bit of a eating healthy kick. It’s definitely not a diet – I don’t do the D […]

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