Berry Truffles

Berry Truffles.

Well by now I hope you have tried to get your hands on the In The Mix – Great Thermomix Recipes. You can get it from your Consultant! If not it sure would look great under the Christmas Tree Β πŸ™‚ Β In there you will find a recipe for Honey Truffles. They are divine! And to temper your own chocolate is just really easy! And you will feel like a champ once you get that beautiful crunch from the chocolate πŸ™‚

This recipe will make about 50 truffles. However I did find that I had about 8 truffles left over so I am going to have to make some more tempered chocolate to dip them. It was probably just my dipping style! They are a bit thick!

I used Coveture Chocolate. It is a beautiful Belgian chocolate. And after searching locally for it I found it cheaper online. I found it at Belgian Delights. It arrived Super fast and great postage rates!

Now onto the Recipe! First I made a Berry Syrup. I only used 100g of the syrup but we have been using the excess on yogurt, ice cream and for Mummy a tablespoon full in the bottom of a glass of Champagne… ohhh yeah…. Sorry back to Chocolate πŸ™‚



400g Berry’s. (I used frozen Raspberry 100g and Blueberry’s 300g)

2 tablespoons Icing Sugar (or Raw sugar but blitz as step one)

20g Water


  1. Place all ingredients into the TM bowl and cook for 6 minutes, 100 degrees on Speed 2Β 
  2. Once cooked blitz to a puree. 20 Seconds speed 8. (work your way up to speed 8 slowly.)
  3. Pass through a drum sieve or fine sieve so that you are left with a fine smooth syrup.
  4. Set aside.

Syrup going through the Drum Sieve.

Left over Seeds and Pulp.

The Syrup… Geez I wish I took a better pic now πŸ˜‰



100g Berry Syrup

250g Cream (Thickened Cream)

600g Milk Chocolate Buttons (Or chop to buttons)

500g Dark Chocolate for tempering and dipping truffles.


  1. Add the Berry Syrup and Cream into the Clean TM bowl and cook 5 minutes at 100 degrees speed 1.Β 
  2. Add the milk chocolate, mix on speed 1 NO HEAT with the MC off until the temperature reaches 37 degrees. It took approximately 8 minutes for mine to reach 37 degrees.
  3. Pour into a bowl to cool. Cover with cling wrap touching the top of the mix.
  4. Leave to set. Mixture is ready when it can be rolled into a ball. I let mine set in the fridge overnight. But it will set in a few hours.

Have the cling wrap touching the top of the mixture.


  • Roll the truffle mix into bite sized balls. You can use a little melon baller to help get the truffle balls.
  • Place 500g of Dark Chocolate into the clean and dry TM bowl. Blitz for 10 seconds speed 9. To temper the chocolate melt for 2 and a half minutes speed 2 at 50 degrees. Scrape sides then mix for a further 1 minute on speed 2 with no heat.
  • Place the chocolate into a bowl to dip chocolates. It should have a beautiful smooth texture and appear shiny.
  • Roll truffles through the tempered chocolate and then place on baking paper to set.

Truffles all rolled and ready to coat in chocolate…mmmmm

The finished product.


  • I used two forks to pick up the truffle balls and roll into the chocolate.
  • Try to drain as much excess chocolate off as you can.
  • Don’t stress about them being perfect! They look fantastic when they are a little ‘Rustic’
  • Use a hair dryer if the tempered chocolate starts to set slightly. (Thanks to In The Mix for this tip!!!)
  • I found that early on I was making them a little too thick and they got better as I went on.
  • You may need to temper some additional chocolate if you make them a little too thick.
  • Have all your truffles ready to roll before you temper chocolate. That way you can get straight into rolling them.
  • This is definitely taken from inspiration from the beautiful In The Mix – Great Thermomix Recipes (See Honey Truffles page 158.)
  • Make sure you leave any tips you might have in the comments section!
  • Would make a great little home made christmas present!
  • This recipe is limited only by your imagination when it comes to flavours! I reckon it would taste amazing with a little roasted hazelnut or almond in the middle of the honey flavoured truffle…
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