Caramel Apple Teacake

Want something quick and easy to make when friends drop by for coffee??   No fancy ingredients required – you only need basic pantry items.  Then this Caramel Apple Teacake is for you.  Whip it up and serve it warm…by itself of with cream….it is fast, easy and yummy!

The original recipe can be found here for those who want to do it the traditional way (not in the TMX), but I have done the very easy conversion for you below.


75g softened butter

100g brown sugar

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla

200g SR Flour

1/3 cup Milk

1 apple (peel and cut into slices)

25g extra melted butter

1 tbsp white sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon


  1. Grease and line a cake tin and set oven at 180 degrees
  2. Add brown sugar, butter, egg and vanilla to the TMX bowl, then mis for 15 seconds at Speed 5
  3. Scrape down bown and mix again for 10 seconds at Speed 5.  The mix with be brown and light and fluffy
  4. Add SR Flour and milk and mix for 5 seconds at Speed 5.  Scrape down and mix again for 5 seconds on speed 5
  5. Pour mix into the prepared tin
  6. Place sliced apples on the top of the cake mixture and bake for 25 minutes
  7. Remove cake and cool on a wire rack
  8. Mix remaining white sugar and cinnamon together
  9. Brush cake with melted butter and sprinkle wih sugar/cinnamon mixture – serve warm
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