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Lemon & Poppyseed Loaf

  Fast. Easy. Tasty. That is my motto, especially when there is limited supplies in the cupboard and you just need a little something to get you through afternoon tea time. Today I whipped up some Apricot Danish and this Lemon Poppyseed Loaf. ¬†Some quick and easy ideas for the Holiday and Entertaining season Ingredients: […]

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Vanilla Cup Cakes with Strawberry Frosting

Hi Guys, I know long time coming after the teaser of some pictures! I wanted to make these again but having recently been warned off dairy (and feeling tops for doing it) The thought of these buttery little treats put me off ūüôā Oh butter why you taste so good! Today I have made them […]

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choc chip and raspberry 2

Choc Chip and Raspberry Cake

This recipe is what happens when you are trying to stay sane with a half crazed 5 year old running amok and a Miss 3 who just won’t let go of your leg. ¬†Essentially, it was a combination of whatever ingredients were in the cupboard and a few random things that Miss 3 wanted to […]

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The final product

Robbie’s Apple and Rhubarb Pie

  ¬†This is a recipe that my hubby has been perfecting in the Thermomix.¬† It s a YUMMO¬†freeform Apple & Rhubarb Pie – no tin or baking dish needed!¬† Its a real hit straight out of the oven and tastes great the next day too (if it lasts that long!). ¬†We posted this one in […]

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whoopie pies001

Whoopie!!!!!……..It’s Whoopie Pies

Well, if you are a fan of trashy American TV, then you are bound to have heard them mention Whoopie¬†Pies.¬† I had never seen one, nor eaten one until I found this random article online about how Whoopie¬†Pies were the new “in” thing in Perth and had replaced Macarons¬†as¬†the “it” thing to make.¬† Apparently, Perth […]

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Monkey Bread_3

Cinnamon Monkey Bread

Sometimes, you draw inspiration from people around you.¬† I recently met a couple of lovely ladies, and one of them asked if I had ever¬†made Monkey Bread and done the conversion for TMX.¬† The truth was, I had no idea what she was talking about, but she seemed really excited about it, and it made […]

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Apricot Danish_9

Apricot Danish

The local Green Grocer sometimes has boxes of mixed fruit for $10.¬† Most of the time, its the last of everything, nothing impressive and lots of bruises and brown bits.¬† But this time, the jam packed boxes caught my eye.¬† They were overflowing with plums, apples and heaps of small apricots.¬† When I got it […]

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Cake Pops (19)

Cake Pops!

¬† ¬† My best friend is a Wizz in the kichen.¬† She always has been, even before the Thermomix.¬† She is the most creative and imaginative person with food that I know.¬† She loves all of the processes and she loves the event.¬† So, it was only fitting that the 1st birthday party for her […]

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Banana Cup Cakes

Happy New Year! May 2012 be all you have dreamed of and more! Out of all of the flavours in the world I would have to say that a very good banana bread, muffin or cup cake really is my favourite! Yesterday I saw banana’s for $2 a kilo! I do have to confess that […]

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Candied Apple and Berry Trifle

Hey Guys, So I am in charge of desserts for Christmas this weekend. I wanted to get some up onto the blog pre-christmas so that then I can share them with you guys for Christmas! My father in law is a bit of a trifle lover so very kindly agreed to be my guinea pig […]

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