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Cereal Bars 1

Nutty Cereal bars

  With all this talk about museli bars on the Facebook page, I remembered that I had once started making some Popcorn Bars from the Lunchbox cook book and got half way through and realised I didnt have any popcorn…….Good one!  Anyway, I improvised and added all those left over bits of cereal that seem […]

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Choc Banana Pizza

CHOC BANANA PIZZA So last night I posted a pic of my dessert pizza to the fb page… Then a little later I got a warm fuzzy message from Megs, “your pizza sounds yummy, the pics look like poo” Thanks Megs what a friends for right? 🙂 anyway I know that it is hard to […]

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My sister in Melbourne had a Facebook update at the start of the week, saying she had made the Pasties that are on the free Coles handout this week.  It is a Curtis Stone recipe and it looks as yummy as he does!!  Can I say that??  Oh well, I just did! You just can’t […]

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Jaspers 2nd birthday (4)

It’s Party Time!!! Honey Joy’s

HELLO FELLOW THERMOVIXENS! I’m BACK! Sorry about the lack of love lately! It’s been hectic here with our big move down south! We had a very special little second birthday in our house last weekend. Whilst preparing for his party I realised just how helpful my little friend was! We had quiet a smorgasbord thanks to […]

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quiche 002

Easy No-Pastry Quiche

This is a quick and easy recipe for a Pastry-less Quiche.  I had this hand written on a scrap of paper in the cupboard for years and always pulled it out when I needed something easy, with just a few ingredients.  It’s great for lunch or an afternoon tea when someones drops around, and you […]

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Megs Sausage Rolls 1

Megs Easy Sausage Rolls

I have always made these sausage rolls but had to mix the sausage meat by hand…….ewwwww!  Not my favorite job!  But this time I thought I would save time and get the TMX to do the hard work for me.  These sausage rolls are fool proof (this fool can make them), and you can “hide” […]

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Little People Veggie Fritters

Hi Guys,   I have to say first up I don’t buy into the ‘hidden vegetable’ debate. To me if I can get them to eat it them it’s a bonus. And I want my little ones to enjoy what they eat and hope that one day they are going to share my love for […]

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