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Green Smoothy!

Hi Guys,   So I love a green juice and so does my Miss Ruby! We are green juice lovers – I am trying to get Mr. 3 on board with us so thought of the best introductory green juice I could. It’s smooth and delicious. For those who are bit more of a green […]

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Salsa Verde – Herby Mash with Steamed Fish.

Hi Guys,   Recently we went out to a restaurant and I had Crispy Skinned Fish with mash and Salsa Verde. It was delicious! Pre-Thermy day’s I probably would have thought about cooking it but now I have and I can! AND It was delicious!!! The Salsa Verde is great with fish, it’s a match […]

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Vietnamese Chicken Meatball and Noodle Soup

Hi Guys, Well my other love is flicking through home magazines and searching around for funky things for the home. I have a certain style that i am trying to do through the lounge / dining but that is a whole other story 馃檪 Why I am telling you this is because my favourite magazine […]

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The Creme Br没l茅e

Creme Br没l茅e

    Hi Guys,   Well you may have noticed that there has been a bit of a gap in posts. We have both been overseas on little holidays, both been hit with a virus through our households and to be perfectly honest I have been stuck in one big old food funk! So this […]

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Candied Apple and Berry Trifle

Hey Guys, So I am in charge of desserts for Christmas this weekend. I wanted to get some up onto the blog pre-christmas so that then I can share them with you guys for Christmas! My father in law is a bit of a trifle lover so very kindly agreed to be my guinea pig […]

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Thermy + Slow Cook Curry

CHICKEN AND VEG SLOW COOK CURRY. Hi Guys, Meg’s and I have just picked up from scoopon a cooking class and meal at an indian kitchen. So I have been looking for a curry the last couple of days to get me in the mood. I have called this one the boring name of Thermy […]

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Jaspers 2nd birthday (67)

Creamy Chicken Sandwich Filling

CREAMY CHICKEN SANDWICH FILLING   Hey guys, Following on from our party foods, this is always a hit for little sandwich fingers or a good one for yummy sangers! It’s also really good on a toasted sandwich warm.   INGREDIENTS: 2 Chicken Breast 1L Chicken Stock 1/2 Red Onion 200g Sour Cream 200g Mayo 1/2 […]

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The Green Monkey Milkshake!

Drink Your Greens?…. YES PLEASE! Banana, Strawberry and Spinach Smoothy Okay so at first this recipe is going to seem a little strange but once you try it, I think it will become one of the regulars for a couple of reasons! Firstly the kids LOVE it and so do I! Ruby always asks for […]

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Little People Veggie Fritters

Hi Guys,   I have to say first up I don’t buy into the ‘hidden vegetable’ debate. To me if I can get them to eat it them it’s a bonus. And I want my little ones to enjoy what they eat and hope that one day they are going to share my love for […]

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Ryzee’s Garlic Prawns

Hi Guys,   Well it’s safe to say that my hubby, Ryan makes the greatest garlic prawns I have eaten. Possibly the best in the world however this is unconfirmed! The problem was Thermy used to sit on the bench whilst we used the stove, traiters I know! All this has now been rectified and […]

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