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Cereal Bars 1

Nutty Cereal bars

  With all this talk about museli bars on the Facebook page, I remembered that I had once started making some Popcorn Bars from the Lunchbox cook book and got half way through and realised I didnt have any popcorn…….Good one!  Anyway, I improvised and added all those left over bits of cereal that seem […]

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Ruby Garden Cocktail

Hi Guys, Fresh back from our fantastic holiday over in Kota Kinabalu – We stayed here… Shangri La – Kota Kinabalu Tanjung Aru Resort! And Oh my if anyone is looking into booking holidays… pure luxury BRILLIANT for little people on the resort and pretty much heaven… Which leads me to cocktails at the sunset bar […]

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6 Layer Rainbow Cake

RUBY’S 6 LAYER RAINBOW CAKE WITH STRAWBERRY GANACHE  Well here is the post for that cake 😉 To be honest it was one of the easiest cakes I have made. Probably took just as long to make as the usual requests but just as easy. Don’t be put off by the size of it! YOU […]

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Ruby’s Rainbow Princess Party

Hi Guys, Slowly recovering from a hectic week of preparation and a great 4th birthday party! When Ruby wanted to have a party I thought sure, what sort of party do you want. I was wrapped when she said a Rainbow party as I had spotted a cake similar in a recent magazine and was waiting for […]

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Poppyseed and Lemon Biscuits wih lemon sugar01

Poppyseed and Lemon Biscuits with Lemon Sugar

These little babies are a Donna Hay creation and I have done the conversion for TMX.  They looked great in her picture……..and then I made them in the Thermomix, and now I can confirm – They are GREAT! The flavour is subtle but delicious, the lemon sugar tops the biscuit off perfectly and makes them just a […]

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My sister in Melbourne had a Facebook update at the start of the week, saying she had made the Pasties that are on the free Coles handout this week.  It is a Curtis Stone recipe and it looks as yummy as he does!!  Can I say that??  Oh well, I just did! You just can’t […]

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Lady Kisses 003

Lemon Shortbread with Berry Vanilla Cream – Ladies Kisses

Ok, I just couldn’t resist.  I saw these biscuits on another blog and I have finally succumbed to temptation and made these little babies on the weekend.  They look fantastic and are a tasty little treat.  As the title suggests, they are called Ladies Kisses, but the best way to describe them is that they […]

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Sesame Prawn Toast

SESAME PRAWN TOAST   Hello! Well tonight we were looking for something yum, a little different and something to go along with a pad thai. So we thought what about a good old prawn toast. It was so easy! Your hardest decision will be if you leave the crust on or take them off! This […]

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Jaspers 2nd birthday (67)

Creamy Chicken Sandwich Filling

CREAMY CHICKEN SANDWICH FILLING   Hey guys, Following on from our party foods, this is always a hit for little sandwich fingers or a good one for yummy sangers! It’s also really good on a toasted sandwich warm.   INGREDIENTS: 2 Chicken Breast 1L Chicken Stock 1/2 Red Onion 200g Sour Cream 200g Mayo 1/2 […]

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Lemon Squares (5)

Donna Hay Lemon Squares

I never turn down free lemons…….so when a shopping bag full of “Aunty Bettys” lemons came my way, I jumped for joy.  My hubby loves to whip up the lemonade from the EDC, lemon butter is always welcome and after seeing a couple of Donna Hay’s lemon recipes in the paper on the weekend, I […]

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