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Fruit Filled Scrolls

  Question: What do you make when you want something nice for afternoon tea and have almost not butter (or cream to make butter), no eggs and next to no milk (ok ok – there was enough for coffee, but I wasn’t giving that up!)? Answer: You get your creative hubby to use the Thermovixen […]

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Monkey Bread_3

Cinnamon Monkey Bread

Sometimes, you draw inspiration from people around you.  I recently met a couple of lovely ladies, and one of them asked if I had ever made Monkey Bread and done the conversion for TMX.  The truth was, I had no idea what she was talking about, but she seemed really excited about it, and it made […]

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Apricot Danish_9

Apricot Danish

The local Green Grocer sometimes has boxes of mixed fruit for $10.  Most of the time, its the last of everything, nothing impressive and lots of bruises and brown bits.  But this time, the jam packed boxes caught my eye.  They were overflowing with plums, apples and heaps of small apricots.  When I got it […]

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Vixen’s Savoury Mince

Hi Guys, For those that follow the FB thread you may have seen Meg’s asked the other day for some inspiration using the mince she had in the fridge. I got home from sydney late that night and come Wednesday morning went searching for an easy out for dinner. I noticed we had a tray […]

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We are Facebook Moving!!!

  Hi Guys, Just wanted to take a minute to explain the move and answer a couple of questions… Firstly if you haven’t already seen we are making the big leap over to the ThermoVixens Facebook page and soon we will stop posting from the Thermomix Recipe Share Australia page. So join the new page […]

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Chicken, Pumpkin & Pea Risotto

Chicken, Pumpkin & Pea Risotto

OK – this is not ground breaking, but sometimes people just want to know that someone out there is making the same kind of food that they are.  Or that the basic things that they make, are able to be converted in to a TMX version. This was a risotto that I used to make […]

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You really LIKE us!!! Thankyou for 1000 Facebook LIKES – WIN

WIN a LIMITED EDITION Thermovixens Coffee Mug!!! When Cass and I started the Facebook page, we thought that it was just going to be a small little thing, where we could have some fun and get people to share their recipes and chat.  Whilst we talked big, it was really just a bit of fun and gave […]

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Cereal Bars 1

Nutty Cereal bars

  With all this talk about museli bars on the Facebook page, I remembered that I had once started making some Popcorn Bars from the Lunchbox cook book and got half way through and realised I didnt have any popcorn…….Good one!  Anyway, I improvised and added all those left over bits of cereal that seem […]

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in the mix

In the Mix: Great Thermomix Recipes competition COMING SOON!!!

Come back and visit us tonight!  We have been lucky enough to get 1 copy of In The Mix: Great Thermomix Recipes to give away to 1 lucky Thermovixen. Details will be loaded tonight! Megs & Cass

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Lady Kisses 003

Lemon Shortbread with Berry Vanilla Cream – Ladies Kisses

Ok, I just couldn’t resist.  I saw these biscuits on another blog and I have finally succumbed to temptation and made these little babies on the weekend.  They look fantastic and are a tasty little treat.  As the title suggests, they are called Ladies Kisses, but the best way to describe them is that they […]

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