Choc Banana Pizza


So last night I posted a pic of my dessert pizza to the fb page… Then a little later I got a warm fuzzy message from Megs, “your pizza sounds yummy, the pics look like poo”

Thanks Megs what a friends for right? 🙂 anyway I know that it is hard to get a picture of a brown pizza with mash banana… But seriously with a scoop of ice cream what’s not to love? I always have an extra base by the time we have had enough savory. Oh and it’s my secret weapon – it’s amazing how much spinach and mushroom pizza can be consumed with the promise of this!


1x Pizza Base
Chocolate Hazelnut spread from EDC (or nutella)
1 Medium Banana (black and soft is perfect)
A splash of cream
Handful of white and milk choc buttons.


1. Roll out pizza base
2. Spread a generous layer of chocolate spread.
3. In a bowl mash banana roughly with a fork, add some cream to make a nice smooth mix. Add a layer of this to the pizza base.
4. Roughly chop chocolate chips / buttons and sprinkle over top of banana mix on pizza.
5. Cook pizza in a hot oven until base is cooked. Works brilliant on a pizza stone. Will take between 10-15 minutes.
6. Serve hot with ice cream or cream.

Now don’t judge a book by it’s cover 🙂 feel free to post your pics if you can get a good looking chocolate pizza shot 😉 20111015-122847.jpg

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