Competition Time!

Cakes, Meat, Bread and Buns

Cooking now is so much fun

On the blog, learn all the tricks

God I love my Thermomix




Strawberries, Soda, Lime & Ice

Triple Sec and Tequila are  nice

Cocktail fun I will be Blitzen

Cause I am a Thermovixen







Ok – so poetry is not really my thing, but it could win you 1 of 2 LIMITED EDITION Thermovixen Mugs.  Yes, these are all new mugs that are super rare – only 2 in existence!

How do you win?

There are 2 ways you can do it

  1. Comment on this blog post below, and we will use a Random Number Generator to pick the winner
  2. If you are a little more creative, comment with a little poem about your Thermomix.  Cass and I will pick the one that is most creative or makes us laugh or cringe the most
  3. So, there will be one random draw, and one draw for the most creative – 2 chances to win!

Important things to know

  • This competition is open to Australian Residents only ……sorry 🙁
  • The random number generator screen will be posted to show the winner of the random draw
  • If you chose to write a poem, our decision is final and will be judged by our warped sense of humour and slightly off beat characters!
  • The winner of each section will win 1 LIMITED EDITION Thermovixen Mug
  • Competition is open until 8pm (WST) Sunday 4th March 2012 and the winner will be announced Monday 5th March 2012
  • Please Note ***The new mugs will vary slightly to the one shown in the picture (they havent arrived yet)***

Let the fun begin!

Megs & Cass

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