Easter Churo’s

Hi Guys,

So for my first post I have made up a recipe that has sort of been taken from numerous recipes around the place, a bit of a trial and error sort of process to find the best Churo’s batter mix! I made it tonight (Good Friday) for a very special easter desert and it scored top marks from the little people in our house. With Ruby explaining it was the best desert she has ever seen in all her life (All 3 years of it!) But it’s a complement and I am taking it 🙂

So here goes!


100g Butter

250g Self Raising Flour

100g Caster Sugar

180g Milk

1 Egg

*Chocolate for melting and dipping

*Oil for frying



1. Place butter into TMX bowl and melt for 40 seconds, speed 4 at 50 degrees.

2. Add remaining ingredients into TM bowl in order.

3. Mix ingrediants for 30 seconds speed 5

4. Scrape down the edges of the bowl and mix for another 30 seconds speed 5 or until a smooth texure.

5. Heat Oil in a pan on the stove top (or use a deep fryer)

*I personally used Rice Bran Oil. It is a naturally light and clean tasting oil and has a smoke point of 250 degrees so it’s a great oil for deep frying. However the choice is up to personal preference.

5. Using a piping bag with a large star shaped nozzel pipe long curo’s into the hot oil.

6. You may need to turn the churo once it is golden brown on the under side.

7. Once golden brown remove and let drain on paper towel.

8. MELTING CHOC –  Add chocolate to the tmx bowl. I used a bag of small cadbury eggs. Melt for 3 minutes 50 degrees on speed 3. Place into a serving dish and you are ready to get dipping.


mmmmmmmmmmmm easter chocolate 🙂 And there was no shortage of help for this part!!!

SO here are our very special easter deserts 🙂 A great way to treat the kids, impress the guests and use up some of the easter eggs left over!!! And a bit of a grown up version at the end! Bon Apetite! xoxo

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