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Hi Guys,


So I love a green juice and so does my Miss Ruby! We are green juice lovers – I am trying to get Mr. 3 on board with us so thought of the best introductory green juice I could. It’s smooth and delicious. For those who are bit more of a green juice pro it’s so easy to add or subtract to this recipe!  Switch the apple juice for coconut water. Or just add in some coconut oil (about a teaspoon to start with then add more to taste.) When the kids are not drinking it I like to add the Maca Powder. Maca powder is really energising I have had the heads up not to feed it to the kids 🙂

If your a bit more adventurous add in some Colloidal Minerals (get from the health food shops – which is a liquid containing 75 plant derived minerals. ) OR Spirulina which for the life of me I just can’t come at the taste for it! This is a great starter smoothy and it’s really filling – especially for little tummy’s makes the perfect start to a school morning. Whilst I have used spinach in this version I would definitely substitute that for Kale if you had it on hand. This juice is sooooo delicious I reckon I could even get megs on board with me! #GETONBOARDMEGS! So Who reckons we want to see meg’s chugging down this green smoothy 🙂 🙂 #COMEONMEGS


This recipe will serve about 2 adult serves and 2 kids serves but just add more or double the recipe. Is great to stick into the fridge for later too.



5 strawberries (Washed and you can leave the greens on!)

1 large banana (over ripe is fine too!)

30 – 40g of baby spinach (Just two big handfuls – or personal preference.)

250g good quality pure apple juice (Organic is even better if you can find it!)

1 glass of ice

100 – 120g water.



1. Add the strawberries, Banana, Spinach and Ice blitz on speed 9 for 1 minute.

2. Add juice and water mix on speed 7 for 15 seconds.

3. Serve Straight away while it is chilled or return to the fridge for later.



  • By adding the ice in with the fruit for the first blitz it gives it a really smooth consistency. 
  • Always blitz the fruits first and then thin it out with your apple juice, water or coconut water. This will ensure the smoothest mix.
  • add the fruits in season. If you have banana in the freezer then add the frozen banana and just omit some of the ice.
  • My general rule of thumb is to add my fruit then in a nice tall glass use that for the ice and then use the same amount for the fluid.
  • Have a go – experiment and get the little ones in helping – I’m surprised at what they will drink! 🙂
  • Get your Green smoothy On!


Happy Juicing!





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