Jelly Slice

This is one of my kids favourites.  In fact, whenever we make it ….which is quite often, it is an absolute hit.  It looks amazing, and is a real treat at kids (and adult) parties.  I had always just made it according the the recipe (find it here), but then recently converted it so that the kids could make it themselves (with supervision of course!).

You can make this with any kind of jelly and it works perfectly well with the supermarket brands – so it is a budget buster too!  The cream will rise to the top as it sets in the fridge, then just turn it out and watch everyone’s face.  They will love it!


3 pkts jelly (same flavour)

750g water

1 tbsp gelatine

300g cream


  1. Place water into bowl and heat on Speed 3 at 100 degrees for 5 mins
  2. Add jelly crystals and gelatine, then mix again at 100degrees for 1 min at Speed 4
  3. Add cream and mix for 10 secs on Speed 2
  4. Pour into a non stick slice tin and leave to set in the fridge for 4 hours minimum
  5. When set, run a knife around the edges and turn the tin upside down and allow the jelly slice to fall onto board
  6. Use a sharp knife to cut the jelly into squares and serve

Hint & Tips

  • This will keep for days in the fridge.  Just place into a sealed plastic container
  • It’s awesome at parties – buy a jelly colour that suits your them
  • Everyone will love it and be amazed at how easy it is


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