Ruby’s Rainbow Princess Party

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Slowly recovering from a hectic week of preparation and a great 4th birthday party! When Ruby wanted to have a party I thought sure, what sort of party do you want. I was wrapped when she said a Rainbow party as I had spotted a cake similar in a recent magazine and was waiting for a time to cook it! So here are all the party details, ideas and recipes, I will add the cake as a seperate post… I think it deserves it’s only little page 🙂 I have listed stockists for the cute little things that I found along the way… I take no responsibility for the online shopping addiction that will follow if you check out the lovely stores that I found along the way!

Here is the full party table –


I found at a party shop wine tasting cups. They are the perfect size for little people. On the right of this picture they are filled with a scoop of chocolate mousse topped with rainbow sprinkles. All you need is a batch of easy Chocolate Mousse from the Everyday Cooking Thermomix Recipe Book (page 154) I made this the night before so that it was nice and set for the morning when I portioned it out and just before serving added the rainbow sprinkles on top. A tip is to not add the sprinkles too early as they will lose the colour.


On the left the little cups are filled with rainbow layered Jelly.It’s an easy one but start a couple days prior to make sure each layer is set before adding the next. Pour a little jelly in each cup and as each layer sets add the following colour. Be careful not to put the green next to the yellow as they end up looking the same colour, trust me I know from experience 🙂  I found these tiny little spoons from Spotlight – seriously if you are looking for party supplies this is a secret little haven! The little spoons worked great in the tasting cups. I was going to be all gung ho and make the jelly myself but when it comes to a party some things just have to give! So I found the Natural’s jelly from Woolies and it was tasty!


These are like magic… they will vanish right before your eyes… and oh so easy! I used a mini muffin tin (it had silicone cups so I could push them straight out) to make them and I still had a bit of mix left so I used a 6 tray Silicone muffin tin for the rest. It made a perfect amount with these two trays. The recipe is one I have previously loaded to the blog so here is the link to it… Violet Crumble Cheesecake If you haven’t given this one a try you just don’t know what you are missing!! 🙂 These were also made the day before so It was another thing ticked off the list before the day of the party. Just remember to save some of the violet crumble crumbs to decorate the top of each one before they go into the fridge to set.

Here are my fave muffin tins that I used –










Good old fairy bread… I mean seriously, could you possibly have a party without it? Here is a funky way to re-vamp that old fairy bread idea… I found from kitchen warehouse letter cookie cutters – They were $2.75 each. Given that we have a Ruby and only four letters I went for her name. You could do anything with this – Numbers, initials, or go the cars for little boys or love hearts for little girls! Your only limited by the cookie cutters you can track down 🙂 I made fairy bread sandwiches and cut out the letter on one side and piled them up. At the front of the plate I made her name in the fairy bread sandwiches. you could even have them open with the sprinkles out. Just a little note – when I showed Ruby the cut out R with the sprinkles she said “that’s amazing mum it’s the renovators”… Yes or it could just be an R for Ruby 🙂



These looked so pretty on the table and the kids all flocked to them… although admittedly they all thought they were hitting the ice cream early!

What you will need:

1x Cake of your choice. Baked and cooled (I used the Too Easy Choc Cake EDC page 129)

1x Batch of Chocolate Ganache (cooled to room temp.)

Chocolate for coating the top.

Mini Ice Cream Cones

Sprinkles or Candy for decorating


  1. Once cake has cooled, break it in half or quarters and add it to a clean dry TM bowl. Blitz to a fine crumb. Should take between 10 and 20 seconds on speed 6. You may need to stop and make sure that there are no big lumps of cake staying up top of the bowl.
  2. Add half the amount of Ganache and mix on speed 5 for 10 seconds until it is all blended. Test the consistancy of the mix. It should hold firm together.
  3. Add the remaining amount of Ganache required and mix again on Speed 5 until all combined.
  4. Take about a tablespoon amount of cake mix and roll into a ball. Place the cake ball into the ice cream cone. Shape it so that it looks like a scoop of ice cream in the cone.
  5. In a clean TM bowl melt some chocolate to top the cup cake cones. For this recipe I used 250g white chocolate on 70 degrees for 4 – 5 minutes speed 3. You can take the MC lid off and check if it is completely melted. I used a chocolate dye and ended up with a soft pink finish. You will need to use a chocolate dye as a normal food colouring dye will separate your chocolate and ruin it.
  6. Using a rounded cake knife (or a butter knife) spread a generous coat of chocolate over the cake mix.
  7.  Sprinkle with rainbow sprinkles (or decorations of your choice) before chocolate sets.
  8. Place each completed one on some baking paper. Once the chocolate is set you can then take it off the baking paper I found that a bit of the chocolate would stick to the paper and come off the cake when I picked them up after they set. I just did a little patchwork and then popped them back down on the set side for the patch to dry. Once they were all set you couldn’t tell.
  9. Hopefully you end up with some of these 🙂 (If you do make these make sure you pop up a pic so that we can see what you get up to!)

The other snacks on the table were sandwiches, a rainbow fruit plate and we also bought out a batch of Meg’s Sausage Rolls , Mini hot dogs and of course all the lollies. I popped the lollies in beautiful Glass jars at the back of the table with lids. There was a method to my madness – I figured if they all had lids on them it might send them to the fruit… okay maybe not the fruit but hoped it might make them ask mum or dad for them… And seriously who can resist a beautiful glass jar 🙂

I got the Glass Jars from the beautiful Sweet Style  – They are in the Candy Jar section. I have two of the Ruby Glass Jars – Of course! They are the tall ones. The group of three are a Glass ribbed set of three for the amazing $14.95! I also have the beautiful pink cake stand from Sweet Style – this is called the Bon Bon Round Cake Stand in Pink.

The stationary and invites were made from a great little stationary spot called Alannah Rose it was brilliant as they wereall made and sent out via email for me to personalise and print out at home. Meant I could make the Invites, little name tags for all the food, stickers for the milk bottles and thank you’s for all the guests all in the same theme! All I needed was some card, sticker paper and scissors!

The little milk bottles, paper straws and rainbow lollipops were from The Little Big Company    I filled one set of bottles with strawberry milkshake and the second lot with a banana smoothy.

Lastly I can’t go without saying a huge thanks to the amazing Tammy from Tutu Cute Dance Supplies. We switched the lollie bags for her gorgeous little tutu’s, we got a range of colours and all the kids loved it! Even a certain little boy… shhh don’t tell daddy 🙂 They were definitely a hit to take home!

Hope this helps you in your party process! Tomorrow I will get onto ‘That’ cake! I will post all the details and I promise you will be surprised about just how easy it comes together! Oh and a very special little something for the inside! 🙂

Now what is your party food staple?  

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