Ryzee’s Garlic Prawns

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Well it’s safe to say that my hubby, Ryan makes the greatest garlic prawns I have eaten. Possibly the best in the world however this is unconfirmed! The problem was Thermy used to sit on the bench whilst we used the stove, traiters I know! All this has now been rectified and Thermy is the champ of the kitchen again! We just finished these so I could take some pics and I am proud to say Ryan admitted that they were better then his. So I guess that makes me the best garlic prawns cook in the world! But I’ll call them Ryzee’s just to keep him happy!! So here we go…



1 Small / Medium Onion

2 Spring Onions

4 Cloves of Garlic

1 Small Red Chili

1 Tablespoon of Seeded Mustard

40g Butter

60g Olive Oil

400g Fresh Prawns (Peeled and tails off)


Lemon Wedges to Serve.



  1. Prepare a batch of Rice and leave to stay warm in the Thermo Server.
  2. In a clean TMX bowl add the garlic, Onion, Chilli and Spring Onions, chop for 5 seconds speed 6.
  3. Add the Seeded Mustard, Butter and Oil to the bowl and cook for 5 minutes 100 degrees on Reverse + Speed Soft.
  4. Add Prawns and cook for 4 minutes 100 degrees, on Reverse + Speed Soft.
  5. Ensure all prawns are cooked and serve with rice and a wedge of lemon
  • Fresh chilli can be substituted for dried or minced chilli. And the amount can change with your personal taste. The chilli should be an undertone to the flavour base. The Garlic is the hero of the dish!
  • This amount easily severed two big serves. You could easily make that 4 entrée serves.
  • The sauce for this is divine on the rice! So make sure you add some extra sauce to all the plates!
  • I love to serve this with a serve of Bruschetta the freshness of the tomato gives a lovely contrast.
  • You can use frozen prawns and if you like leave the tails on.
So there you have it Ryzee’s Garlic Prawns. Enjoy!!
Bon Appetite


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