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Well tonight we were looking for something yum, a little different and something to go along with a pad thai. So we thought what about a good old prawn toast. It was so easy! Your hardest decision will be if you leave the crust on or take them off!

This is definitely one that the kids loved! Although it is technically deep fried bread so it’s probably a no brainer for kids to love! We have some left over prawn paste and I am thinking of doing a batch of prawn dumplings! I’ll update the blog if I do!


10 slices of bread

sesame seeds

Peanut Oil (approx 500ml but will depend on your pan size. – you can use another oil if you wish.)

450g Prawn meat

80g Water Chestnuts (From a tin)

10g Fresh Ginger

1 Egg White

2 tsp Sugar

2 tsp Sesame Oil

2 tsp Soy Sauce

Coriander (optional)

Soy Sauce or Sweet Chilli Sauce for dipping.


  • Place oil in a pan on the stove to begin heating up.
  • Place Ginger and water chestnuts in TM and blitz for 5 Seconds, Speed 6. Scrape down sides.
  • Add Prawn meat, egg white, sesame oil, soy sauce and sugar into TM bowl and mix on Speed 4, for 5 seconds.
  • Scrape down sides of TM bowl and check consistancy of paste. I like it a little bit chunky so this is long enough for my liking. Adjust to your taste.
  • Spread the prawn mixture onto the bread about 1cm thick.
  • At this stage you can cut the crust off or leave them on. Sprinkle a generous layer of sesame seeds over the top of the prawn mixture.
  • Cut the bread in half.
  • Place into the hot oil prawn side down. Give it a minute or two, the colour should be golden brown.
  • Turn the bread over in the oil and leave to cook for 1-2 more minutes, Until both sides are golden brown.
  • Remove from the oil and place on paper towel to drain the excess oil.
  • Serve with a sweet chilli or soy sauce dipping sauce and fresh coriander.
  • I still have a coriander love affair going on, so half way through the cooking I added a handful of roughly chopped coriander to the prawn mix for an adult version.
  • I took the crusts off for the first batch but left them on for the remainder. I loved the taste and texture of the crusts.
  • I used a frozen egg white and I added it with the ginger and water chestnuts at step one to blitz it. I reckon you could get away with removing the egg white if you wanted an egg free version.
  • Make sure the oil is not too hot, they will burn VERY quickly 🙂
  • I popped the oil on at the start on a low heat to gently get hot. Just don’t wack it on high and forget about it! Keep a close eye on the oil. I used peanut. It has a gentle flavour for this sort of cooking and it has a high smoke point so it won’t smoke out the house for you.
  • This is the sort of recipe that you can sort of get creative with! It’s a chinese restaurant favourite of ours and this it was a definite winner!
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