Stuffed Capsicum’s

Hi Guys,

Just had a super yummy quick and easy lunch. I always say something is never a “left over” Meal so long as you can give it another name! For example we had Risotto for dinner last night… Then comes “What’s for lunch Babe”? “Stuffed Capsicums” “Oh nice, we should really just eat that left over Risotto” See not left overs, a whole new meal! In fact for all he know’s we only had risotto last night for stuffed capsicums today… But in all seriousness this is a great way to get rid of that left over risotto!

We had the Pumpkin, Bacon and Onion risotto – Recipe here

I used it straight out of the fridge and just added a touch of cream to mix it through and give it a good sauce in the capsicum.



Capsicum (When you choose these at the market, look for ones that will stand on there own.)

100g Cheese (Tasty used in this recipe)

1 Clove of Garlic

3 Slices Bread

Handful of Parsley

Olive Oil



  1. Add Garlic, Parsley and Cheese to the TM bowl and Blitz on Speed 6 for 5 Seconds.
  2. Add Bread and set bowl to a closed position, Blitz 2 or 3 times on Turbo. It should have a nice bread crumb like texture.


  1. Cut the tops of the capsicums and empty all the seeds. Should look like this:

2. Mix a little cream through the risotto mix and then fill the capsicum cups almost to the top – leave enough room for the topping.

3. Add the bread crumb mix to the top and squeeze down to make a nice firm topping.

4. Add to a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil. I used a loaf tin as it was the perfect size for them.

5. Bake for 45 minutes at 180 degrees.

Oh and a sneak peek at the insides… mmmm nom nom!!!

I used the Risotto straight out of the fridge. You could reduce cooking time if the risotto was pre-warmed but you will still need to give it a good while to soften up and sweeten up the capsicum. Great served with salad! Makes a great Vegetarian meal too!

So what are some of your “Left Over Meals” ???

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