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Thermy Snapper En Papillote

Snapper En Papillote (In paper)  With Prawns and Coconut Rice. Prep – 10 minutes  Cooking Time – 25- 35 Minutes This recipe was enough for 2 Adult Serves and 2 Child Serves. Lately we have been on a bit of a eating healthy kick. It’s definitely not a diet – I don’t do the D […]

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Thermy + Slow Cook Curry

CHICKEN AND VEG SLOW COOK CURRY. Hi Guys, Meg’s and I have just picked up from scoopon a cooking class and meal at an indian kitchen. So I have been looking for a curry the last couple of days to get me in the mood. I have called this one the boring name of Thermy […]

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Salt & Pepper Squid

There is still a couple of good things about not having Sunday trading in Perth.  One of those is that you can normally pick up heaps of bargins in the deli and meat sections of the supermarket after about 4pm on a Saurday afternoon.  My local had 50% off sliced meats and everything in the seafood section, […]

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Sesame Prawn Toast

SESAME PRAWN TOAST   Hello! Well tonight we were looking for something yum, a little different and something to go along with a pad thai. So we thought what about a good old prawn toast. It was so easy! Your hardest decision will be if you leave the crust on or take them off! This […]

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Ryzee’s Garlic Prawns

Hi Guys,   Well it’s safe to say that my hubby, Ryan makes the greatest garlic prawns I have eaten. Possibly the best in the world however this is unconfirmed! The problem was Thermy used to sit on the bench whilst we used the stove, traiters I know! All this has now been rectified and […]

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