Tapenade Cream and other life changing events

I have had my TMX for 7 months now, and during that time, my whole world has changed. 

I have been uncomfortable with my weight for a long time.  Lets face it, as the years went on, my body took the hits.  Two kids in 2 years left me feeling like a kangaroo – I seemed to have acquired  some kind of pouch where my stomach used to be.  My diet was hideous, I was eating out of boredom and justified it by telling myself that I deserved some treats after a long day with the kids (pity those treats happened every night).  And excercise…….well, I had conveniently convinced myself that an ankle injury 10 years ago was the reason that I didn’t do anything that required me to exert myself.   But all the excuses seemed to be coming to an end.

 Iam not going to sit here and tell you that the TMX changed my life and helped me lose weight (although I do get more  execise in the kitchen now!), but it think it kick started something.  When I had my demo, I remember hearing all the blurbs about natural foods, preservative free and better for the family, but i didn’t honestly think it would sink it.  So, I secretly hoped that I didn’t regret making the purchase and tried to busy myself making yummy meals for the family.  Around about the same time, I remember saying to my husband “I am almost ready to think about doing something about my weight!”  How funny……I was almost ready to think about it?  Then a week or two later, I was “almost ready to do something about it.”  Then my bestie Amanda, told me she had “join for free” pass to Weight Watchers, and a Facebook “friend” was doing a running program.  I sat there looking at this app on the phone, then looked at the treadmill that had been collecting dust in the corner of the bedroom – could this piece of equipment really do something other than be a bulky clothes rack??  Would this time at Weight Watchers be like the last time – a weekly donation and no weight lost?  If I was going to do it, I had to commit to tracking my food going to meetings, making better choices and doing the dreaded exercise.

And so, somehow my world changed.  More importantly, my mindset changed.  The TMX had kick started a thought in my head, and the world was throwing ideas at me…actually, it was slapping me in the face with them, and that is exactly what I needed.  Could this machine, have sparked something in me and finally made me get motivated?  It sounds, silly, but yeah, it did!

So far, I have lost 10kgs (plenty more to go though), started playing netball every Monday, I have been to every weekly Weight Watches meeting since I joined.  I even did the City to Surf 12km walk last week!  I have discovered this bizarre love of food -especially food in the Thermomix!  And out of the TMX obsession, Cassie and I started the Thermomix Recipe Share Australia page on Facebook, which then led to this blog.  We have also put a vegie patch in the back yard (check out our first bacth of carrots and broccolini) – I don’t think the person I was 7 months ago, would have ever done that! 

The excuses are now replaced with ideas about what I could cook next.

The average meal is now cooked faster and healthier in the TMX

The packet of chips is now replaced with a ProPoints friendly snack

The couch has been swapped for netball with the girls

Bacon & Eggs on Sunday morning has been replaced with a nice brisk walk on the Perth Foreshore, and then when I get home from the walk, I whip up some fantastic  muffins, or biscuits or a slice for the family……..I just stop eating after doing the taste test.  I don’t need to eat it all, because that would take time away from my next cooking experience. 

 So, the TMX wasn’t a weight loss solution for me, but it was the start of a new way of thinking.  I now know, that a small decision, like deciding on to buy the Thermomix can lead to bigger and better changes.  Then before you know it, your world has changed forever. 

Now to tackle the next 10kgs – afterall, I want to look as “hot” in real life, as I do in the ThermoVixens logo!

A quick idea for you all – I made the EDC Tapenade, which was yummo.  Then I made a Tapenade Cream!


1 Tbs EDC Tapenade

2 Tbs Cream Cheese

1 Tbs Sour Cream

Method:  Mix all ingedients on Speed 5 for 10 seconds and serve with EDC Focaccia

Changing the world – one birth at a time!

We spotted this charity and their amazing work on the 7pm project and after a girls lunch the plan was hatched!!   It’s an amazing cause and something that we feel passionate about, after being totally blessed with exceptional maternity care that we experienced with both of our kids 

This month we are raising money and awareness for the charity Birthing Kits Foundation (Australia).  They work to raise money to send ‘Birthing Kits,’ which contain 6 essential items for birthing in third world countries. (A plastic Sheet, Gloves, Sterile Scalpel Blade, 3 cords and 5 gauze squares).  Along with the kits they assist in training and educating the women that  the kits.

 Every year there are an estimated 385,000 women dying annually in childbirth (and many, many more infants) Some of the main causes are from the infections acquired through childbirth. There is a GREAT need for these clean birthing kits.

 The cost of a birthing kit is $3 and they are available to purchase from the http://avidiva.com.au/  website (this is Cassie’s fabbo business)  to make it easy for everyone to donate.   We are hoping to get multiples of 200 so that I can arrange an assembly day – where the foundation sends the supplies and we pack the kits and send them to the destination. A really tangible way to finish the project.

 Cassie and the Avidiva Team are also donating 1 kit per order from Avidiva all month. They have the ‘kit’ listed as a  product on the website – see here http://www.avidiva.com.au/products/%22Birthing-Kit%22-for-Birthing-Kit-Foundation-Australia.html (it also has extra info and a video for more info!) 

We would love it if you could support the cause, or at least become more aware of how a small donation of $3 could be the difference between life and death for a mum  and her bub. If you are have a business / blog or FB fan page and would like to make a donation we would love to showcase everyone that has helped by listing the logo’s and link’s on the avidiva site. All donations over $2 are tax deductible!

So check out their website – http://www.birthingkitfoundation.org.au/

Small decisions really can change the world!


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