Those “other” people always think they know everything…..


Do you ever have those times when you don’t try anything fancy, you just want to stick with the tried, tested and tasted recipes?  That is where I am at this weekend.  We had Chicken and Cashews from the EDC tonight.

I found myself in an interesting conversation with someone yesterday about the Thermomix.  You know those people……..the ones that think you are out of your mind because you have a TMX.  Here are the common things THOSE people say:



  1. It’s such a waste of money……..Not to me, Thanks very much!  The TMX allows me to save money in the long run, and provide my family with healthy, preservative free foods
  2. You can use other appliances to do those jobs………Now I just use my TMX and have freed up so much space in my cupboard.  Now I use the extra space to store all the fabulous ingredients that I use, and the yummy treats that I make.
  3. You can’t cook meats……….Umm yes I can!  And I can do it cleaner, healthier and faster than you can!
  4. It’s so big……..I (along with most TMX owners) use it multiple times a day, so it lives on my bench
  5. Thats not cooking, you are cheating…….Are you serious?  I am cooking more now, than I ever did before.  I still have to follow processes, but most of them don’t take as long as they do for you.
  6. It’s just a fad…..Errrr….Do you know anything about this product?  This design has been around for 40 years – and many of those machines are still working today. 

I think one of the most interesting parts of these discussions is that it generally comes from someone who hasn’t even been to a demo.  What is with that?? 

I think I am just an average person.  I don’t have heaps of cash to spend on silly things, in fact we run a tight ship here.  But once I saw this product work, I could see how it could help us as a family.  I like to be able to get up on a sunday and make my own butter, so I can then use it to make my own lemon butter, to put on my home-made waffles.  Then for morning tea, I will use the Butter milk from the butter, to make some scones or some muffins for anyone who may choose to drop by the house.  Then I might whip up some bacon and cheese scrolls for the kids for lunch, so the kids have enough energy to play with their Thermomix Play-dough.   Then in the afternoon, my darling husband will use the TMX to make all the components for his fabbo lasagna for dinner.  Then at the end of the day, when I am in bed, I will reflect on the day, knowing that I am sooooo happy that  we decided to take the plunge and make this investment for our family. 

All Fresh, Great Variety, No Preservatives, No Waste and definately…….NO REGRETS!

I wonder if those “other” people can say the same? 


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