Welcome to our wonderful world of Thermomixing!

I’m Cass – I have had my TMX for just over a year. It’s the love of my life… I like to say that if the house was on fire the first things our would be the kids and then I would run back for the thermo 🙂 I am a mum of two beautiful little people and I got my TMX when Jasper was about 3 months old. SO just before he started solids, it was a total godsend at that time!! I love to cook from the recipe books, convert my favorite recipes, find little gems around the net and get creative and come up with my own little recipes. Look forward to sharing the thermo ride with you!

Hi I’m Megs, I am a working mum of 2 muppets, and self- confessed shutter-bug and Thermo-holic.  I have had my Thermomix February 2011, and cannot imagine life without it now.  It’s like one of the kids – it is hard to remember life before they came along.

I never really liked cooking before, that is to say, I did not like cooking from recipe books.  They scared me….to many ingredients, too many processes & way too much mess!  The Thermomix has excited me about food, and now I want to cook.  Fast, simple, cost efficient and TASTY  – that is what you will get from me…..with a few photos of my creations (or mishaps) along the way.

We aim to bring you all our favorite recipes, tips and overall our love of the thermo – glad you could join us as a ‘Vixen’! Be sure to head to FB HERE and follow the page – this is all about the love of good food made simply so PLEASE, this is your place too be a Vixen and show us what you love to cook and eat from your Thermo!!

Cass and Megs


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