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Vixen’s Savoury Mince

Hi Guys, For those that follow the FB thread you may have seen Meg’s asked the other day for some inspiration using the mince she had in the fridge. I got home from sydney late that night and come Wednesday morning went searching for an easy out for dinner. I noticed we had a tray […]

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In The Mix – Beetroot, Pomegranate and Pistachio Salad

I must be the only Thermomix owner that has never done the Beetroot salad, or had it presented at a demo.  It just never tickled my fancy.  My memories of Beetroot are all centred around camping.  It was always canned, made the sandwiches soggy and stained the tupperware containers.  But last week, when we got […]

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My sister in Melbourne had a Facebook update at the start of the week, saying she had made the Pasties that are on the free Coles handout this week.  It is a Curtis Stone recipe and it looks as yummy as he does!!  Can I say that??  Oh well, I just did! You just can’t […]

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Thermy + Slow Cook Curry

CHICKEN AND VEG SLOW COOK CURRY. Hi Guys, Meg’s and I have just picked up from scoopon a cooking class and meal at an indian kitchen. So I have been looking for a curry the last couple of days to get me in the mood. I have called this one the boring name of Thermy […]

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Salt & Pepper Squid

There is still a couple of good things about not having Sunday trading in Perth.  One of those is that you can normally pick up heaps of bargins in the deli and meat sections of the supermarket after about 4pm on a Saurday afternoon.  My local had 50% off sliced meats and everything in the seafood section, […]

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quiche 002

Easy No-Pastry Quiche

This is a quick and easy recipe for a Pastry-less Quiche.  I had this hand written on a scrap of paper in the cupboard for years and always pulled it out when I needed something easy, with just a few ingredients.  It’s great for lunch or an afternoon tea when someones drops around, and you […]

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Mid-Week Winner – Chicken Wraps with Salsa.

    Chicken Wraps with Salsa   So here is a super easy way mid week meal! I haven’t invented the wheel with the flour tortilla, I am stealing the recipe from the Thermomix Meat Recipe Book. Meat On the Menu. Page 53. www.thermomix.com.au. It is a great cook book – highly recommend – unless […]

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Roast Pumpkin, Bacon and Onion Risotto

Hi Guys, Sorry for a little neglect lately. We have just recently sold our house so it was a bit of a crazy couple of weeks selling and buying! On the flipside Thermy is in for a treat when he meets his new kitchen! Can’t wait – and I’m so thankful for the thermy during […]

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Cannelloni (14)


 I had a very busy Thermomixing weekend.  Fruit Rolls, Marmalade and Crunchie Ice-cream yesterday, and today it was Cannelloni.  This was always something that I just threw together in a bowl and whipped the sauce up in the pot with no recipe or definate quanities.   But today was the day  to TMX the recipe so I worked […]

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