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All ready for the oven!

Chicken Lasagne

Hi Guys, So today’s recipe comes out of opening the freezer, opening the fridge, back to the freezer, over to the pantry and then back to the freezer ūüôā Turns out i had chicken breast or chicken mince. I had lasagne sheets and a whole lot of pantry staples. What better then a good chicken […]

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Cannelloni (14)


¬†I had a very busy Thermomixing¬†weekend.¬† Fruit Rolls, Marmalade and Crunchie¬†Ice-cream yesterday, and today it was Cannelloni.¬† This was always something that I just threw together in a bowl and whipped the sauce up in the pot with no recipe or definate¬†quanities. ¬† But today was the day¬† to TMX the recipe so I worked […]

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